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video: Unboxing, the Europe Magic Wand comes in a box which includes the user manual. Lets get into it! Same quality and power as the Hitachi, with more speeds, better engineering, and better electronics. The deeper, more rumbly vibrations of the Europe Magic Wand mean that I can use it on my clitoris for longer without it feeling numb or itchy, which is great!

Tantramassagen nrw europe magic wand - Europe Magic Wand

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Neutral look promotes fantasizing, foreplay prolongs the pleasure for both. Price, please enter a minimum and maximum price. When a woman is in her power she keeps the entire Universe in order because she is the one that nurtures the next generation. Reaching this point is the singular goal of each soul. You can use it anywhere in the world if you just buy a little plastic adapter to match your countrys plug. Our body is but a vehicle of the soul and the moment our souls vehicle enters the Earth plane we begin accumulating experiences and impressions which either assist us on our journey home or prolong the journey home. Its healthy for both the body and the soul. Noise Level Usually the wand vibrators like this one are quite noisy due to their size, but in this case, the Europe Magic Wand really is pretty quiet. For many people, massage also opens the door to a world of sexual wellness that often contains more than they ever thought possible.

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    Europe Magic Wand opens. Everyone deserves a good. Its healthy for both.

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