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your job or the size of your home. James at the. But there are people out there who understand, who have open minds, and who will see you for you. The irony, of course, was that my trans identity was not really something I was trying to keep hiddenfrom her, or from anyone. In any case, dating has sucked for. But we had pleasant enough conversation, and got along. Truth be told, there were no immediate sparks when we met up at our local coffee shop. A few months after posting my profiles to both sites, I received a message on the site where I hadnt disclosed that I was trans. I felt very comfortable with her, and after two hours together we agreed we would like to see each other again.

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I am happy, I feel understood and accepted by this person and I am very hopeful that this relationship will continue to blossom. Some people I have spoken with say they think its important to disclose that youre trans right away, while about an equal number of others say its better to wait to see if there is any chemistry before sharing such personal information.  Our mutually neutral reaction to one another mustve had some promise, as we planned to go on another date the following weekend. But obviously, the woman felt duped in some way, and she continued with her tirade. She told me she had Googled. In my case (and perhaps for many trans folks going online for potential romance felt like a safe first step in cultivating my new, authentic selfin being able to reach out to others as the man that I was and. You can learn more about. There is someone out there for. Plus, since I live in a small community, there arent many opportunities to date and less of a selection of potential partners.

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