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will call Keith could usually be found in his favourite corner of the pub in a mid-Surrey village just below the North Downs, telling stories and accepting a pint from anybody who would listen. Eventually Halford netted the fish out while it was weeded and it weighed 3 pounds 9 ounces. At home there was an old-fashioned kitchen with a wood-burner stove on which stood a large and blackened game pot which, according to legend, had been kept permanently simmering and unwashed for years on end. No, dont bother to write in with an answer to that question. I can't see the reason for the change which hardly makes for a long-lived fly; I like the version described above and like to think it is probably the original. Back again to the all-important matter of weighting your team of nymphs. This is really still too high, but Lyn Davies, Rob Evans and I, all of us now badly affected by mid-winter cabin fever, felt we just had to get out and give it. At this time of year, with no fishing to keep me happy, I'm starting to sound as grouchy as Jack Dee on a bad night. Then we have all those politically correct uses of language which actually mean very little.

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Hutton in his day had great sympathy for the geille frau geile frauen über 40 bailiffs charged by the Conservators with watching miles of streams during lonely winter nights at a time when locally "every man's hand is against them." Today, the NRW and EA have vastly reduced anti-poaching resources, and. MN from Bristol fished Fenni Fach on the 19th and got 8 trout, 4 on nymphs and 4 on a Parachute Adams, but noted that while olives were hatching.30 in the morning, the sun had brought action to a halt by midday. It's a far cry from George Orwell's return from Spain in 1937, is it not? That can wait for another occasion. I have heard it said that if you make five passes without either catching a fish or snagging the bottom, the weight needs adjusting. Salmon numbers for 2017 were slightly down, but not enough to dent the overall trend too much and the Wye still seems to be producing better results than other rivers. An image of the whirling dervishes of Konya comes into my mind. While the rivers were up I had a spell of fishing for rainbow trout in Forest of Dean still waters.

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